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Money, money, money: Six takes on SAP Financials

From the use of automation to an obscure billing application, here’s a rundown of’s top stories on managing SAP financials and accounting.

SAP shops depend on SAP Financials software running as efficiently and accurately as possible. Here are six stories that help companies get there, from the use of SAP Workflow to using other types of SAP accounting and reporting tools that expedite processes and help save money.

Want faster SAP financial reporting? Experts share how to get it

Experts share advice on how companies can make their SAP ERP Financials reporting more efficient.

Learn how companies can take advantage of the close calendar function with SAP’s General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) module.  

Greater automation the driving trend in SAP ERP Financials

Companies are looking to automate more of their SAP ERP Financials processes to cut costs and make their operations more efficient, according to experts. 

Read more about SAP Closing Cockpit and other ways to expedite financial processes.

SAP Workflow offers potential for automating SAP ERP Financials

SAP Workflow helps companies manage and automate their financial approvals as well as create a record of those approvals for future audits.

Learn how companies can use SAP workflow for things like purchase orders and accounts payable invoices.

SAP Workflow an underutilized savings source with SAP ERP Financials

SAP Workflow can save companies time and money if implemented correctly. In this tutorial, get an expert overview of SAP Workflow and how it works for key financialprocesses.

Read why some companies fear automating financial processes, and why that’s a mistake.

Asset accounting in SAP ERP Financials

In this SAP Press book chapter, learn the basics of asset accounting in SAP ERP Financials. Learn how to approach asset accounting implementation and integration with other components of SAP ERP Financials. Find out how to properly configure the AA submodule.

Learn why companies should have a clear idea on what functionality they need before beginning configuration.

Agency Business: The most helpful SAP ERP app you've never heard of?

Agency Business, an obscure SAP ERP application, is helping one company find the answer to its billing challenges. So why hasn't anyone heard of it? 

Read what Paul Roche, CIO of Network Services, said when learning the billing application could be the answer to their problems.

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