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SAP acquiring 3-D visualization software maker Right Hemisphere

SAP will integrate Right Hemisphere’s 3-D visualization software into its portfolio to provide manufacturers with visual tools that can help speed their products to market.

SAP is acquiring three-dimensional visualization software vendor Right Hemisphere, a move that one analyst said should benefit some manufacturers but may have a limited impact on SAP’s wider ERP user base.

“It looks like a sort of token acquisition that gives them a play into design-intensive types of businesses,” said Paul Hamerman, an analyst with the Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc.

“I think it’s an innovative software vendor. SAP continues to push more innovative solutions for their clients,” Hamerman said. “In the scheme of things, however, it’s not nearly as big a deal as the Sybase acquisition, in which they paid billions of dollars and has broad applicability.”

SAP announced late on Tuesday that it is purchasing Right Hemisphere, a maker of 3-D manufacturing visualization tools used by companies to design and produce high-end products like planes and automobiles. SAP did not say how much it is paying for the company, which is jointly based in San Ramon, Calif., and Auckland, New Zealand.

SAP intends to integrate Right Hemisphere’s software into the SAP manufacturing portfolio in order to allow companies to “visualize business processes, from design to manufacturing, through sales, operations and service, helping people to easily cooperate and communicate using the most powerful human sense-vision,” the company said in a statement.

The new applications will help companies get products to market faster by providing instant access to visual information in such areas as design collaboration, assembly instructions or up-to-date service procedures and manuals, all of which help speed the decision-making process, according to SAP.

The integrated software will also benefit companies that rely on diverse networks of partners and customers in different geographical locations visualize assembly and maintenance instructions and simulations, which would result in fewer errors, according to SAP.

SAP also said it plans on integrating the new technology into its mobile platform, which would let teams work on those projects on a range of mobile devices.

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