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Podcast: Editor Roundtable: SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 Highlights

In this edition of’s Editorial Roundtable podcast, the editors discuss what they learned at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 conference in Orlando.

In this edition of’s Editorial Roundtable podcast, we discuss what we learned at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 conference in Orlando. Review the highlights of our conversation below, or listen to the entire podcast.  

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PODCAST: Editor Roundtable SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 Highlights

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Podcast highlights:

0:33     Many of the attendees were interested in what SAP had to say about in-memory and HANA. In particular, they wanted to know what they would hear that was different from what they had been told at last year’s SAPPHIRE and TechEd conferences. What did we learn that was new? We generally agreed that this conference was about showing that HANA is no longer a concept, but is now reality.

3:22     During the conference, SAP announced the new release of the Sybase Unwired Platform as well as the mobile app store. We all noticed an increase of tablets and smartphones at SAPPHIRE NOW 2011, with more people opting to leave the laptops at home. Although SAP is developing a number of mobile apps for its store, SAP is also allowing outside developers the opportunity to create apps with the release of the Sybase SDK.

5:31     SAP also announced SAP NetWeaver Gateway to enable the development of SAP applications across environments and tools. Barney calls this “an interesting nugget of information for the developer crowd out there.” After the tepid response to the first release of Duet, the attendees seem to be greeting the next release (of which Gateway is an extension) with more interest. With a connection to the Microsoft cloud platform, this is also another way for SAP to bring applications to the cloud.

6:54     Amazon Web Services is now certified to deliver SAP software in the cloud? What does this mean for SAP customers? Although it’s a bit early to say how this will affect how companies planning to move to the cloud, it was also interesting to see this announced along with the Rapid Deployment options. It will be interesting to see how SAP positions on-demand, cloud applications compared to on-premise applications with Rapid Deployment.

9:21     Hasso Plattner and Vishal Sikka talked about companies using HANA now – and gave us a preview of what’s to come. SAP offered several customers, such as T-Mobile, which is using HANA with Strategic Workforce Planning, and a German appliance company using it for sales forecasting. They also offered some innovative pilot programs,  such as a Japanese research company using HANA to handle the massive amounts of data generated by a program that tracks traffic patterns in GPS-enabled taxis.

12:23   With the 3.0 release of Business ByDesign on the horizon, how is SAP doing with this application? SAP has 500 customers are currently using the software with a plan to have 1,000 by the end of 2011. SAP seems to (finally) be having some success with Business ByDesign, after an initial “hiccup” focusing only on small and medium businesses. With the enterprise now included in the target market for scenarios such as two-tier ERP, Business ByDesign now seems to be headed in the right direction.

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