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SAP acquires security software capabilities from Swiss firm

SAP’s acquisition of Secude means that users will no longer have to go to third-party vendors for secure login and enterprise sign-on capabilities.

SAP today acquired the security software applications from its partner, Swiss-based Secude AG.    

The software specifically gives SAP’s applications secure login and enterprise single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, which it will soon start rolling into its product portfolio. As a result, SAP said, users will no longer have to look to third-party applications for that level of security.

The acquisition makes sense, given that Secude has always had a strong SAP focus in its applications, said analyst Jonathan Penn of Forrester Research Inc. 

It’s also a strategic move on SAP’s part, he added.

“SAP's acquisition of the SSO and secure login assets seems designed to provide a foil to Oracle's recent acquisition of Passlogix,” Penn said about the third-party vendor, which has its own enterprise single sign-on application.

It’s more about a required level of security, said SAP spokesman Saswato Das. 

“The integrity and security of today's business operations and data are facing threats from a number of things -- the most alarming of these is the increase in criminal activities and the shift from cyber crime in the consumer world to targeted attacks in the business world,” Das wrote in an email.

As a part of its plans to incorporate both of those capabilities into applications, SAP said it will provide a basic version of secure login for its existing customers, and as a part of new releases, both at no cost.

Despite SAP’s acquisition of some of Secude’s intellectual property, the company said it will continue to function apart from SAP, focusing on FinallySecure, a data protection portfolio of software and products.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

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