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Special Report: SAP support and maintenance

SAP customers have a tiered SAP support and maintenance model again. In this special report, read more about the options, including advice on negotiating contracts and looking at third-party support.

SAP's return to a tiered SAP maintenance and support structure is good news for customers. After nearly two years of trying to push through a single maintenance and support structure, SAP heeded to customer concerns and reinstated a lower-cost offering.

Customers can now choose the lower-priced Standard Support or SAP Enterprise Support, in addition to the MaxAttention offering aimed at the largest clients. Standard Support costs 18% of net licensing fees, and increases will be tied to the rate of inflation. The enhanced SAP Enterprise Support offering, which includes 24/7 SLAs, will eventually cost 22% of net licensing fees by 2016, increasing on a graduated pricing schedule.

But even with a choice, selecting a maintenance and support option isn't easy. Inflation and fees for extended support on older releases may make the two options cost close to the same in a few years. That said, it could be a good choice for those with applications in maintenance mode.

In this special report, learn more about your options. Find out what led SAP to make the changes and get advice on negotiating maintenance and support contracts. In turn, learn more about third-party support and whether it's a good choice for your organization.

   Choosing Standard Support or Enterprise Support
   Choosing third-party support
   Negotiating maintenance and support contracts
   The SAP support and maintenance controversy


  Advice on choosing Standard Support or Enterprise Support  



  Advice on choosing third-party support  



  Advice on negotiating maintenance and support contracts  



  A look at the SAP support and maintenance controversy  


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