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SAP demos 12sprints collaboration tool

SAP recently moved 12sprints into public beta. In this video, David Meyer provides a demo of the new collaboration tool.

12sprints, SAP's collaborative, decision-making project, was recently moved into public beta. It's cloud-based, and aims to provide a virtual meeting room where users can talk about projects and make decisions more easily.

"What we're trying to achieve is trying to let people be more productive in their professional life," said David Meyer, SAP's senior vice president of emerging technologies. "At work today, people are often frustrated with boundaries between things."

Right now, the tool is free, and a certain level of usage of the tool will continue to be so. Down the road, there will be tiered levels of usage that provide richer capabilities, such as more connectivity to the SAP back end. In the future, the suite tools may have 12sprints packaged into them.

The beta version is available for a look here. All of the APIs are public, and developers can code in any language.

It ended up with the name 12sprints because its creators thought it would need to go through 12 monthly scrum cycles. They ended up doing it with sprint 11, Meyer said.

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