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SAP Virtualization: Special Report

More companies are virtualizing SAP applications. Read about how to get started, what to watch out for and SAP's virtualization strategy in this special report.

Special ReportSAP virtualization has become more prevalent in the last couple of years, and stands to gain adoption as companies look for ways to cut costs in this economy.

So far, companies virtualizing SAP applications are mainly focusing on non-production environments. But even that's changing -- as more companies are running their mission critical applications on virtualized servers.

In this special report, find out how to get started with SAP virtualization. Learn about companies that are virtualizing SAP applications, as well as virtualization trends and SAP's strategy moving forward.


  arrow News and tips: The basics SAP virtualization
  arrow Video: Building a case for SAP Virtualization
  arrow Podcast: Virtualizing your SAP environment
  arrow SAP Virtualization Week 2009 resources
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  News and tips: The basics SAP virtualization
  Video: Building a case for SAP Virtualization
  • Getting Started with SAP Virtualization
    Server virtualization provides the opportunity to save significantly on hardware and that's something many companies running SAP want to know more about. In this video series from SAP Sapphire 2009, Chris Carter, president and CEO of HiLn, discusses how to get started with an SAP virtualization project, including what needs to be considered in terms of hardware, staffing and SAP modules.

  • Making the case for SAP Virtualization
    Running SAP software in a virtual environment provides the opportunity for some significant cost savings, but in difficult economic times, every expenditure must be justified. In this video, find out how to make the case for an SAP virtualization.

  • Hidden Costs in an SAP Virtualization Project
    While many companies have either invested in server virtualization or else are looking into it, some costs involved in the virtualization projects may go overlooked. Learn about the expenses and savings organizations may not typically take into account when embarking on SAP virtualization.
  Podcast: Virtualizing your SAP environment
  • Virtualization in SAP environments
    How can SAP applications be optimized for a virtualized environment? How do you integrate third-party virtualization technology with SAP? How do you achieve business agility via virtualization? In this podcast, Chris Carter discusses why virtualization is important to SAP customers, and digs into strategic issues related to virtualization in SAP environments. Find out which virtualization solutions are the least expensive and quickest to deploy.
  SAP Virtualization Week 2009 resources
  More on Server Virtualization

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