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SAP: We won't hold one Sapphire event in Europe this year

SAP has decided to hold several smaller shows instead of one large Sapphire event in Europe this year, the vendor said.

SAP has decided to hold several, smaller events in lieu of one, large Sapphire event in Europe this year, the vendor said today.

Customers indicated after Sapphire Berlin last year that they'd like to participate in smaller, more intimate events put on in their own countries and in their own languages, instead of one large event, SAP spokesman Andy Kendzie said.

SAP has been preparing to hold several smaller European shows for at least a year, spokesman Andy Kendzie said. The decision is based on feedback from customers, not on the weakening economy, he said.

"It's not a reaction to market economy," said Andy Kendzie, SAP spokesman. "It's not based on the economy. It is based on customer feedback."

Sapphire in the United States will go on as usual, and will be held in Orlando from May 11 through 14, Kendzie said.

Sapphire, SAP's annual user conferences, draw thousands of people each year. SAP typically makes major product or release announcements at the event, and it is a chance for existing and potential customers alike to network and demo some of the software.

The locations and schedule for the European events will be announced shortly, Kendzie said.

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