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SAP xMII manufacturing software best practices, trends and career advice

This podcast examines SAP's xMII, looking at future developments, career considerations, customer cases and partner activity related to this manufacturing xAPP.

According to SAP, xApps brought in more than $200 million in license revenue in 2006. interviewed Scott Campbell, SAP Practice Manager with Austin, Tex.-based MomentumSI, a consulting organization specializing in SOA, and Mo Ghanam, manager of partners and field enablement services at SAP Labs, about one of the more popular xApps: xMII. xMII stands for Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence and is utilized by manufacturing organizations. In this interview, Campbell and Ghanam discuss:

  • xMII basics
  • Some xMII customer use cases
  • What SAP partners are doing around xMII
  • What is coming in the future
  • Career opportunities around xMII




  What's next with SAP's xMII xApp for Manufacturing  


  Program highlights:  
  • (0:30) What does xMII do, and how does it fit into SAP's xApps portfolio?


  • (2:28) How does xMII fit into SAP's "Perfect Plant" vision?


  • (4:25) How does xMII fit with SAP's Enterprise SOA focus?


  • (7:49) Can you give a couple of examples of customer implementations?


  • (9:50) What's coming in the next xMII release?


  • (8:58) Looking out further, what can users expect from xMII in the next few years?


  • (13:12) How are specialty software vendors in the manufacturing space using xMII, and can you give some specific examples?


  • (15:26) What career opportunities exist around xMII, and how can people take advantage of them?


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