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Podcast: SAP and SOA

In this podcast with NetWeaver and Portal expert Rabi Jay, SearchSAP explores the business case for SOA and explains how SAP supports SOA in Enterprise SOA and its product suite.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has revolutionized the way in which applications are designed, delivered and consumed. For IT and business alike, SOA is a disruptive technology that enables business agility, flexibility and other benefits. In this podcast, SearchSAP spoke with Rabi Jay, author of The Complete Reference: SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology, in order to learn more about the business case for SOA and how SAP is handling SOA, not just in the Enterprise SOA product but across the SAP suite.

  SAP and SOA  

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Podcast: SAP and SOA
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  Program highlights  

  • (1:55) How SOA can enable faster business process change.

  • (2:30) SOA and process differentiation.

  • (3:45) SOA tailors application to business process, making IT more strategic.

  • (4:40) Summary of SOA drivers.

  • (5:50) SOA and process efficiency.

  • (8:53) Introducing Enterprise SOA

  • (12:00) Technical strengths of Enterprise SOA.

  • (15:05) Building blocks of Enterprise SOA.

  • (18:45) The SOA application lifecycle.

  • (20:30) Companies implementing SOA today.

  • (21:42) Skills required for, and SAP jobs created by, SOA

  • (25:13) Tips for implementing SOA

      Program Links:  

  • Demystifing SOA in SAP NetWeaver: Upgrades are a fact of life in enterprise IT, but the benefits of SOA make a convincing case for NetWeaver adoption.

  • Enterprise SOA-based innovations and benefits in SAP: SDN blogger Abdulla Fawzi discusses the nature of technological innovation and how service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an important innovation as it pertains to SAP.

  • The Complete Reference: SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology: In this comprehensive guide to SAP NEtWeaver Portal implementation, Rabi Jay tells you everything you need to know about the portal implementation lifecycle, SAP NetWeaver Application Server, NetWeaver portal and more.

  • Podcast: SOA and Web services security for SAP and Oracle: SAP and Oracle have been touting the benefits of SOA, but SOA comes with some unique security risks. This podcast discusses SOA security issues and offers solutions.

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