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SAP TechEd 2007 Las Vegas: Special Report

This SAP TechEd 2007 special feature is the place to look for all the news, analysis and tips from TechEd 2007 in Las Vegas.

Oct. 1-Oct. 5, thousands of SAP pros will descend on Las Vegas for SAP TechEd 2007. will be there to cover all the breaking news, report from the show floor and catch up with SAP executives in attendance. Check back here frequently for articles, tips, blog posts and podcasts from the event.

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  • Floor buzz from TechEd 2007
    Upgrades, jobs and outsourcing were the most pressing concerns for some of the 6,000 attendees at SAP TechEd 2007.

  • TechEd: An SAP consultant's guide to SAP terms
    SAP TechEd 2007 introduced new technologies and terms to SAP users. In this two-part guest column, site expert Jon Reed looks at the terms that will be important for SAP consultants in the future, and those that are going by the wayside. Part 1 provides insight into where SAP is headed by looking at some terms that are being sent to the graveyard. Part 2 examines SAP terms that are becoming more common -- terms that could signify the beginning of trends that drive demand for SAP skills.

  • SAP unveils NetWeaver individual licenses, improvements
    The latest changes to NetWeaver include individual development licenses and improvements to its composition environment, enterprise services repository and process integration.

  • Technical developments designed to impress the boss
    At "Pimp mySAP," a session at TechEd '07, users learned to eliminate database read/write times on custom apps and utilize Web services to retrieve BI data.


  • MassMutual's NetWeaver admin director outlines SAP project tips
    SAP projects are complex, especially for large organizations. In this podcast, MassMutual's director for SAP NetWeaver administration offers tips and tricks from his TechEd 2007 presentation.

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  • SAP delivers Web services for GRC integration
    SAP executives discuss new Web services that will enable companies to integrate identity management software with SAP GRC access control in this podcast.

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  • SAP NetWeaver security and identity management
    When it comes to SAP NetWeaver, identity management, securely integrating IT systems and getting return on investment (ROI) from security projects are all issues users contend with. This podcast talks about these topics and gets a quick SAP TechEd 2007 preview from Andrew Dunning, director of solution marketing for SAP NetWeaver user interface and security technology.

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  • NetWeaver 7.1 is here. What will NetWeaver 7.2 be like?
    Practically all TechEd attendees we asked where upbeat about the new NetWeaver 7.1. So what's next? We asked SAP what to expect from NetWeaver 7.2.
  • Naeem Hashmi on the new visual modeling tool
    Yesterday's "modeling tool of the future" demo was met with certain skepticism by many TechEd attendees. We caught up with analyst and veteran site expert Naeem Hashmi for his take on SAP's future of model-based development.
  • New SAP certification options
    The perceived value of SAP certification tend to be significantly lower than that of practical, hands-on experience. To address this, SAP has introduced a new three-tiered certification structure to more accurately recognize and certify experienced SAP professionals.
  • A peek into the future
    The next evolutionary step in SAP development is direct model-to-code. This allows business process people to create processes like they'd do on a whiteboard -- except the SAP back-end data gets filled in automatically. Get demo screen shots and SAP user reactions here.
  • SOA showcase contest winners announced
    SAP's big case study contest received a lot of qualified entries and some 33,000 votes by SAP professionals across the globe. Find out who the winner and runner-ups are here.
  • TechEd 2007 community day highlights
    The pre-event community day was a gathering for SAP professionals looking to network, discuss issues and get a running start on the main TechEd topics. Catch up on the main points here.
  • TechEd '07: SOA is King
    Catch up on the pre-hype, main themes and hot tips for the TechEd 2007 week in Las Vegas.
  • Editorial Blog
    This is the place for additional commentary and discussion about recent SAP events and news.

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