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SAP master data management demo and trends

In this podcast, walks through a demo of SAP's master data management (MDM) product and spotlights MDM news and trends from Sapphire 2007.


Master data management (MDM) is becoming an important technology for many SAP customers. In this podcast, Sunil Gupta, director of solutions marketing for SAP Labs, looks at some of the latest SAP MDM news from Sapphire, previews what's coming next and offers a demonstration of SAP's product. 



  SAP master data management demo and trends  

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SAP master data management demo and trends
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  Program highlights  
  • (:39) SAP's MDM news and announcements from Sapphire 2007.


  • (2:09) Description of what MDM technology is, how MDM is used and SAP's MDM products.


  • (4:25) SAP MDM product demo, follow along below.


  • (14:18) SAP MDM customer example.


  • (16:17) How does SAP MDM help users with process, governance and other issues?


  • (18:54) What's coming next for SAP MDM?




      SAP MDM demo  

    4:50: User welcome screen


    Welcome screen -- click to enlarge
    This slide shows the portal welcome screen for a hypothetical user named Jessica Gould. This view of her Universal Worklist shows a list of tasks. Other views could show personal documents or favorite sites.


    5:33: Product information record


    Product information record -- click to enlarge
    This screen shows the product information record for a laptop computer. There is a text search box in the upper right and taxonomy search on the left about halfway down. The circled table shows the different systems where the notebook data resides.


    9:15: Create business partner


    Create business partner -- click to enlarge
    Jessica enters data into this screen to kick off the process of creating a new business partner.


    10:19: Check partner data


    Check partner data -- click to enlarge
    When Jessica clicks the "check address" button on the previous screen (button is not shown but is on the bottom of the data entry page), the address check page is displayed. The system automatically corrects a number of data entry errors. Jessica then submits the record to her supervisor, Sarah Price.


    11:30: Supervisor approval


    Supervisor approval -- click to enlarge
    Sarah Price logs on and navigates to Jessica's request. Sarah's welcome screen is not shown but looks similar to Jessica's, with a task list that includes this request. Sarah adds accounting data and routes the request to Michael Adcock for final approval.


    Final approval


    Final approval -- click to enlarge
    This step is not discussed in the podcast. Michael Adcock, the master data administrator, reviews the information and approves the new business partner. This is the top half of the screen, showing the data entered by Jessica and Sarah and the actions Michael can take.


    Final approval II


    Final approval II -- click to enlarge
    This step is not discussed in the podcast. Michael Adcock reviews the information and approves the new business partner. This screen shows where each person in the process can enter comments and the options the approver has, including "Approve and Create" and "Reject."


    Business partner created


    Business partner created -- click to enlarge
    This step is not discussed in the podcast. Jessica Gould logs in and navigates via the tabs at the top of the screen to search for vendors. The search criteria are visible on the left side of the screen, and the new vendor is now in the system.



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