SAP Sapphire 2007 Atlanta: Special Report

This SAP Sapphire 2007 special feature compiles content from SAP's annual user conference in one convenient location.'s editorial team was out in full force at SAP Sapphire 2007 in Atlanta, April 23-25. Our coverage includes breaking news, case studies and podcasts from the event, as well as news, analysis and tips from our archives. We also have new product announcements from the exhibit hall floor.

  SAP Sapphire 2007 coverage  


  • SAP master data management demo and trends: Master data management (MDM) is becoming an important technology for many SAP customers. This podcast gives a demonstration of SAP's MDM offering from Sunil Gupta, director of solutions marketing for SAP Labs, looks at some of the latest SAP MDM news from Sapphire, and previews what's coming next.

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  • Governance, risk and compliance trends from Sapphire 2007: ATLANTA -- Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) has been on the radar of SAP users for some time. The topic is constantly evolving, with new regulations seeming to pop up daily and companies looking for ways to leverage GRC solutions to add value to their business. In this podcast from Sapphire 2007, spoke with Amit Chatterjee, senior vice president for SAP's GRC business unit, to get the latest news and trends, look at SAP's announcements from Sapphire, and see what's coming next.

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  • Business intelligence, analytics and performance management trends from Sapphire 2007: ATLANTA -- Business intelligence (BI), analytics and corporate performance management (CPM) are three topics that spark interest and cause some confusion among SAP customers. In this podcast from Sapphire 2007, spoke with Nenshad Bardoliwalla, SAP's senior director for CPM solution management, to get the latest news and trends, clear up acronym confusion, and see what's coming next for SAP in the market.

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  • Sapphire and ASUG preview and more, with Rod Masney: For the past couple of years, the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) Annual Conference has been co-located with Sapphire, further enhancing the educational opportunities for SAP users. This podcast with ASUG president Rod Masney previews the events and takes the pulse of what is on SAP users' minds, including reaction to Shai Agassi's resignation.

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  Vendor Announcements  

  • Cast Iron Systems introduces new integration applicances for SAP:
    Integration applicance vendor Cast Iron Systems has introduced a new family of appliances specifically designed for SAP applications. The products promise rapid deployment and come ready to connect SAP applications with CRM systems, databases, SaaS, custom applications and many more out-of-the-box endpoints.

  • HP, Microsoft and SAP deliver appliance for Duet
    HP, Microsoft and SAP has unveiled a new HP ProLiant server pre-installed with Duet software. The joint project features pre-loaded scripts and short implementation times, allowing users to quickly evaluate Duet and start realizing return on investment sooner.

  • Seeburger announces B2B dashboard for SAP XI
    Seeburger Inc. has announced a new operational dashboard that provides added value to Seeburger's XI-enabled EDI adapters. The dashboard speeds up messaging, facilitates compliance and provides a package of pre-define reports, the company said.

  • OnDemand Software releases OnDemand Personal Navigator 9.0
    OnDemand Software, a division of Global Knowledge, has released a synchronized content development platform for business process documentation, test scripts, tailored role-based training and performance support. The product promises to reduce content development time, enable acceleration of multiple-language deployments and enhanced content management.

  • SAP introduces new business performance solution to help CFOs
    SAP has announced a new initiative to help CFOs meet business and compliance requirements. The cross-functional unit will tap the power of SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and SAP Business Profitability Management application by Acorn to manage risk and optimize the financial value chain.

  • Gamma unveils new InfoShuttle suite
    Gamma Enterprise Technologies has announced a new application data management suite. The suite promises to help customers using SAP solutions a flexible, unified architecture to easily and cost effectively manage their application data for lowered deployment risk and improved efficiency.

  • SAP announces E-Sourcing on-demand solution
    The new offering from SAP enables companies to quickly ramp up and engage in sourcing activities such as online auctions and RFP events, the company said. The solution allows for future extension to a full Supplier Relationship Management application as needs evolve.


  • Sapphire 2007 quick takes, part 2
    The second part of the Sapphire quick takes-series covers SAP's new commitment to Web 2.0, the new ERP on-demand solution code named A1S and why mySAP ERP 2005 became SAP ERP 6.0.

  • Sapphire 2007 quick takes
    Get additional commentary on why Sapphire was a little odd this year, what the big deal with Harmony is, and what's in store for Duet in the next few incarnations.

  • Editorial Blog : This is the place for additional commentary and discussion about recent events and news at Sapphire.
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