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Podcast: mySAP ERP upgrade questions and advice

Upgrading to mySAP ERP presents SAP customers with many challenges and potential benefits. In this podcast, Matt Rickard, ASUG's director of groups and chapters and a member of its board, discusses common upgrade issues.

According to SAP, Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) and others, this year will see an increase in the number of customers upgrading to mySAP ERP. In this podcast, Matt Rickard, ASUG's director of groups and chapters and a member of its board, discusses some common upgrade questions. Rickard talks about technical versus functional upgrades, common problems, and resources users can turn to, among other things.

  MySAP ERP upgrade questions and advice  

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Matt Rickard discusses upgrading to mySAP ERP
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  Program highlights  

  • (1:30) Can you describe ASUG's Upgrade Symposiums and what users can get out of them?

  • (2:30) What other events does ASUG have planned this year?

  • (5:45) What are some of the business factors you've seen that prompt companies to upgrade to mySAP ERP?

  • (7:05) What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of doing a mySAP ERP technical upgrade?

  • (8:55) What are the benefits of upgrading to mySAP ERP 2005 versus mySAP ERP 2004?

  • (10:30) What are some success factors and potential pitfalls of a mySAP ERP upgrade project?

  • (12:18) How important is end user adoption to upgrade projects, and what can companies do to ease adoption?

  • (13:38) Where is your company in the upgrade process, and what have you learned firsthand?

  • (14:53) How can a company show ROI for a technical upgrade only?

  • (16:15) Can you give us a preview of this year's ASUG annual conference, which is co-located with Sapphire?

  • (18:00) What are some easy ways for SAP users to get involved with and benefit from ASUG?

  • (20:20) What are ASUG's membership costs?

  • (21:05) Final mySAP ERP upgrade tips

      Program Links:  

  • MySAP ERP 2005 upgrade challenges and advice: At the start of the Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) mySAP ERP 2005 Upgrade Symposium, Martin Riedel, head of SAP's global upgrade office, and Stefan Kneis, vice president and ASUG executive liaison, discussed some issues facing customers who are considering upgrading to mySAP ERP 2005, how upgrades may affect the SAP jobs market, and the growing importance of compliance.

  • MySAP ERP technical upgrade ROI: Look to the future: The mySAP ERP 2005 technical upgrade at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did not produce hard ROI right off the bat, but the project gained approval by focusing on future improvements.

  • MySAP ERP upgrades: Users are the key to success: Upgrading mySAP ERP can be a long process, presenting many challenges to a company. Communicating closely with users is essential.

  • MySAP ERP upgrade advice: Looking to upgrade mySAP ERP? Don't be caught without the resources our expert offers for upgrading ERP.

  • MySAP ERP 2005 upgrades increasing, ASUG president says: SAP's pledge to hold off on major upgrades, expiring maintenance contracts, and a host of other reasons have users upgrading to mySAP ERP, ASUG's president says.

  • SAP users slow to migrate to mySAP, opening the door for Oracle: SAP customers are slow in adopting mySAP applications, according to Forrester Research Inc., keeping the door slightly open for Oracle Corp. to lure customers away from SAP.

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