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SAP HR: Special Report

This SAP HR special feature compiles new and archived content in one convenient location.

This Special Report highlights some of the best SAP HR content to appear on the site recently. The report contains SAP HR jobs advice, technical tips, answers to common questions, and an SAP HR Learning Guide for in-depth lessons on SAP HR. Be sure to take the SAP HR quiz afterwards to test your knowledge.

  SAP HR jobs advice  

  Guides and Quizes  

  • SAP HR Learning Guide: This Learning Guide will help you understand basic mySAP HR concepts and terminology as they relate to payroll, personnel time management, organizational management, reporting, ESS, MSS, authorizations, infotypes, transactions, and tables.

  • Quiz: SAP HR Personnel Administration: This quiz covers must-know scenarios in SAP HR Personnel Administration. It starts with questions regarding the HR structures and drills down all the way through employee sub-grouping. Test your HR Personnel Administration skills today and gauge your knowledge to enhance your HR development.

  • Answers to the quiz: SAP HR Personnel Administration: Here are the answers to the SAP HR Personnel Administration quiz.

   Expert answers and tips  

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