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The SAP jobs market: Special Report

This SAP jobs special feature compiles new and archived content in one convenient location.

The market for SAP jobs has been very active, with many experts predicting talent shortfalls ahead. This Special Report looks at some of the big SAP careers stories of the past year, highlights some tips for SAP professionals, and looks to the future of SAP jobs. will continue to cover the SAP jobs market closely and bring you news, analysis and trends throughout the year.


  The state of SAP jobs  
  • Podcast: SAP jobs present and future, with David Foote : The market for SAP jobs is hot, with some SAP skills paying premiums over the general IT market. In this podcast, David Foote, president of Foote Partners LLC, explains which modules have a particularly rosy outlook and which ones aren't expected to fare so well. Foote also discusses how outsourcing could affect SAP professionals and gives a general market update and predictions for the upcoming year.
  • SAP CRM projects at risk: Through the end of 2008, 25% of CRM projects will be postponed or cancelled, according to Gartner. This rate of postponement and cancellation is largely a result of a CRM skill shortage -- of consultants and systems integrators in particular -- the Stamford, Conn.-based research firm says in a recent report.
  • SAP firms struggle to find experts: Companies are having trouble finding the right expertise when starting some SAP projects, and if the trend continues, the result could be costly project delays, according to an analyst report.
  •  ERP, CRM drive modest hiring gains in tight job market: CIOs are hiring IT talent, but for very specific jobs such as ERP and CRM professionals. According to a new survey, it's likely they'll have to up the ante in order to get the very best talent.


  Expert answers and tips  
  • After certification, don't limit yourself to jobs in SAP : Jon Reed's advice to someone making a career change: Look for jobs outside of SAP.
  • Getting back into SAP: Former SAP professionals who want back into the SAP job environment face an uphill battle -- but one they can definitely win. Find out how here.
  • Special Report: Breaking into SAP consulting: "The first step is to understand that you don't just jump into independent SAP consulting," says Jon Reed, vice president of SAPtips ( "You have to make sure you're at a point in your career [where] consulting is a realistic option. While a few exceptions exist, having the right qualifications is far from a guarantee that you can find work."
  • Special Report: Tips and tricks for SAP consulting success: These days, everyone wants to be an SAP consultant. As a result, potential clients have a lot of choices of whom to hire for each SAP project. With the glut of competition, how can you stand out from the crowd and score the best project engagements?
  • Where SAP meets .NET: Expert Jon Reed lays out the foundation for a .NET developer to score jobs in SAP.
  • Which has better prospects -- ABAP or SAP BI?: SAP BI/BW expert Jay Narayanan weighs in on the prospects of ABAP jobs and BI jobs.
  • Security forecast based on SAP GRC: With the advent of SAP GRC (governance, risk and compliance), jobs could be threatened by automated processes. However,'s expert predicts that security jobs will flourish


  Interviews and podcasts  
  • Podcast: SAP pros feud in ongoing talent war: Employers are having trouble finding the best SAP pros for specific jobs. David Foote, president of Foote Partners LLC, tells us that the enterprise business application market is heating up. Still, employers are choosing staff for jobs very carefully, Foote said. Find out what skills and certifications are increasing in value and which ones are flat, according to Foote's latest research. Foote also discusses future hiring trends and how the SAP and Oracle job markets match up.
  • Podcast: ESA and SOA trends with writer Scott Campbell: Scott Campbell discusses ESA, SOA and the SAP jobs market in this podcast.
  • Podcast: SAP ABAP, IBM WebSphere, RFID skills pay rising: Employers are paying a premium for SAP ABAP, IBM WebSphere skills, Java experts, and radio frequency identification technology talent, according to research from Foote Partners LLC.
  • Podcast: The state of the SAP job market: This podcast provides an update from Jon Reed of recent stories of importance to the SAP user. Reed serves as a site expert on SAP careers for and is the author of the SAP Consultant Handbook. He produces the "SAP eCareer Transitions Journal," a newsletter for SAP professionals seeking career advancement.
  • Research questions value of IT certifications: Non-certified skills are putting more dollars in the pockets of IT personnel than certified skills are, according to the latest research from New Canaan, Conn.-based Foote Partners LLC.


  From the blog  
  • Four new SAP roles: At 2006's TechEd in Las Vegas, Shai Agassi talked about four new SAP roles in his keynote speech: consolidators, repository keepers, composers and disruptive innovators. How do these new roles tie into the current SAP ecosystem? How do you position yourself for the career sweet spot a year or two in the future? The blog discusses each of the four roles: disruptive innovators, composers, repository keepers and consolidators.
  • Are ABAPers doomed?: Is there a future for ABAPers? Yes and no, says career guru Jon Reed in a recent entry in the SAP Jobs Info Center.
  • More on SAP jobs, ESA ecosystem: Scott Campbell discusses the most important things for SAP job seekers to focus on.
  • SAP jobs: SAP customers see talent pool drying up: SAP job recruiters and consultants say they are having trouble finding the most qualified SAP pros to manage projects.

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