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RFID and SAP trends

RFID technology continues to become more mainstream. In this podcast, AeroScout's Josh Slobin discusses RFID and what SAP users should look for.

RFID technology continues to gain popularity, according to Josh Slobin, director of marketing for AeroScout. Based in San Mateo, Calif. AeroScout produces active, Wi-Fi-based RFID products. In this podcast, he gives some background on the topic, explains the differences between active and passive RFID technology, looks at some real-world cases, and gives advice for SAP users.


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Josh Slobin discusses RFID trends
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  Program highlights  

  • (1:01) What exactly is RFID?

  • (1:50) Where and how did RFID technology really get going?

  • (2:55) What are some interesting ways RFID is being used today?

  • (5:25) What types of RFID technology are there and how are they deployed?

  • (6:53) What are the major differences between active RFID and passive RFID?

  • (9:00) Can you explain the benefits of Wi-Fi-based RFID?

  • (11:08) What are customers doing with Wi-Fi-based RFID?

  • (13:05) How can RFID deliver ROI?

  • (15:48) What can we expect from RFID in the year ahead?

  • (17:11) What RFID issues should SAP users be aware of?

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