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Podcast: SAP's platform ecosystem chief sets direction

Zia Yusuf, who leads SAP's Platform Ecosystem unit, finds software vendors to fill gaps in SAP software. In a wide ranging interview, Yusuf explains his role shaping SAP strategy.

As executive vice president of SAP's platform ecosystem development, Zia Yusuf co-manages SAP's NetWeaver development fund. Yusuf, who reports to SAP's Shai Agassi, assumed the role in the Platform Ecosystem unit after leading the company's Corporate Consulting Team, the Corporate Strategy Management team and the Design Services team. In an interview with, Yusuf explains SAP's ecosystem strategy moving forward, how an independent software vendor crosses his radar screen, and how the Platform Ecosystem unit shapes SAP's long term strategy.

  SAP's Zia Yusuf:  

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  Program highlights:  

  • (1:02) How was the platform ecosystem community development process done in the past and how has it evolved to what we're seeing today?

  • (4:04) Does SAP use the feedback and other interactions on the SAP Developer Network as a strategy to help fill in some white spaces?

  • (5:31) Are there any white spaces SAP plans to address using its community ecosystem strategy?

  • (6:51) How do you identify independent software vendors (ISVs) for white spaces?

  • (9:31) How does an ISV move up the ladder to get a closer relationship with SAP?

  • (11:18) What is the difference between the NetWeaver Venture Fund and the venture arm?

      Program Links:  

  • SAP launches NetWeaver venture fund to spur development: SAP's new $125 million venture fund looks to foster composite application development on the NetWeaver platform.

  • SAP to bolster support program with new hires: SAP executives said Tuesday they plan to hire additional personnel to support its new premium support package.

  • Ex-Sun exec to beef up NetWeaver expansion: SAP hired a former Sun Microsystems executive to beef up its development community and drive expansion of NetWeaver and the entire SAP technology stack. He has since left the company.

  • SAP bolsters developer community to prep for SOA: SAP is taking steps to open its architecture to developers and independent software makers to get feedback on its products and create a fast system to develop Web services.

  • SAP driving SOA adoption with composite apps: SAP's composite application strategy provides its customer base a smooth approach to a service oriented architecture.

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