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SAP TechEd '06 highlights

SAP pros flocked to Las Vegas to attend SAP TechEd 2006. Our coverage includes news and case studies from the event, as well as related news, analysis and tips from our archives.

Thousands of SAP pros flocked to Las Vegas to attend SAP TechEd 2006. Our coverage includes breaking news and case studies from the event, as well as related news, analysis and tips from our archives.

  SAP TechEd '06 coverage  

  • SAP promises no major software release until 2010: SAP's Shai Agassi told thousands of attendees at its TechEd conference that the company plans no major updates to mySAP ERP 2005 over the next five years.

  • SAP projects should start with data cleansing, expert says: Consolidating multiple legacy systems onto SAP is a daunting task, but one expert says that a little in-house data cleansing helps ease migration headaches.

  • SAP users ready upgrade plans: SAP pros attending the recent SAP TechEd 2006 conference in Las Vegas are side stepping new technologies as they plan upgrades in the near future.

  • SAP to focus on business process management: SAP is forming a Business Process Management Expert Community with experts and independent software vendors to address gaps in its BPM software.

  • SAP users, analysts, seek master data management answers: SAP is working to increase the number of customers using SAP Master Data Management, but customers and analysts say little information is available about the software.

  • SAP applications could be hacked, expert warns: The chief technology officer at Virtual Forge explains the top five SAP application security threats and countermeasures to avoid being hacked.

  • SAP Muse graphical interface could be next business browser: SAP users are generally pleased with the results of Project Muse, but some are confused about which interface is best.

  • SAP melds enterprise search with business accelerator: SAP showcased new enterprise search capabilities, but users say more information is needed before enterprise search would be widely deployed.

      Related news and analysis  

  • Companies set business process management priorities: Firms that are moving forward with business process management projects are beginning to report some rewards.

  • SAP to shift focus off its core ERP suite: SAP projects a shift in the way it generates revenue, hoping its partnerships and new licensing strategy will generate cash from products produced on its Business Process Platform.

  • Podcast: Master data management trends and resources for SAP customers: Master data management is emerging as an important enterprise technology. Gartner's Andrew White and SAP's Sunil Gupta discuss recent trends affecting SAP customers and the market.

  • SAP gives customers sneak peek at new interface: SAP customers running mySAP Business Suite applications will soon have a simplified GUI to work with.

  • SAP Project Argo to extend enterprise search beyond company wall: SAP is readying the beta release of Argo, an extension of its enterprise search capabilities in NetWeaver to various search channels, including desktop widgets, browsers and mobile GUIs.


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