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Podcast: SAP firms cope with support issues

Consultant Doug Whittle discusses the support issues SAP customers face after their new systems go live and the support strategies that get the most value out of an SAP system.

Learn what support challenges customers face after their new systems go live and some of the strategies SAP customers...

can incorporate into their support processes to get the most value out of their SAP systems. Doug Whittle, a consultant, who has more than 20 years of experience leading training and support services organizations and Rod Masney, a global information and technology architect and president of the Americas' SAP Users' Group, share some best practices.

  SAP firms cope with support challenges  

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  Program highlights  

  • (1:38) Are SAP customers failing to put the right support strategies in place?

  • (2:46) How often should an organization look internally at its support strategies?

  • (4:19) Are there different strategies companies can take when building an internal support team? Do strategies equate to the size and budget of a company?

  • (8:14) What is a Center of Excellence Model? Is it similar to an SAP Competency Center?

  • (10:47) Are only the largest SAP customers forming a center of excellence concept?

  • (11:50) How do SAP super users fit into the equation?

  • (14:02) What are some of the arguments against letting super users get more involved?

  • (18:20) Does it come down to the culture in an organization when it comes to balancing IT department initiatives and business goals?

  • (19:13) How has the level of control shifted between business and IT?

  • (18:20) Is it still worth it to gain certification in certain areas?

  • (22:58) How much does internal support processes relate to whether a company chooses support from a third party provider or SAP?

  • (26:04) Is ASUG hearing a lot of concerns about SAP Solution Manager?

  • (27:22) How does an organization leverage the tools they have and use the features of SAP Solution Manager?

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