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SAP pros feud in ongoing talent war podcast, with David Foote

Employers are shopping for the right SAP talent to manage projects. Find out which job skills and certifications are rising in value, according to data from Foote Research LLC.

Employers are having trouble finding the best SAP pros for specific jobs. David Foote, president of Foote Partners LLC, tells us that the enterprise business application market is heating up. Still, employers are choosing staff for jobs very carefully, Foote said. Find out what SAP skills and certifications are increasing in value and which ones are flat, according to Foote's latest research. Foote also discusses future hiring trends and how the SAP and Oracle job markets match up.

  SAP pros feud in ongoing talent war  

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  Program highlights  

The dynamics right now are pointing to investments in SAP.
David Foote,
presidentFoote Partners LLC

  • (1:05) How does Foote Research conduct its skill and certification pay surveys? How can listeners tap into the data?

  • (4:28) Can you explain how non certified skills pay is finding its way back into IT workers' pay checks?

  • (7:49) SAP ABAP skills: What trends are you seeing? Are ABAP jobs still being outsourced?

  • (9:33) Have pay for expertise in certain SAP modules been increasing in value?

  • (10:40) How do SAP skill pay compare to Oracle skills?

  • (12:13) What are the latest PeopleSoft and JD Edwards skills pay trends?

  • (13:46) Customer facing application skills were hot earlier this year. Is that trend continuing?

  • (16:36) How are .NET and Java skills faring?

  • (17:31) How are application development skills doing?

  • (18:20) Is it still worth it to gain certification in certain areas?

  • (16:58) Is security a top issue for companies implementing BI tools?

  • (19:59) What is a talent war? Why are there talent skirmishes in certain areas?

  • (21:34) What other areas are seeing talent wars?

  • (25:37) Are IBM WebSphere and SAP NetWeaver skills increasing in value?

  • (26:46) How are service oriented architecture projects affecting skills and certification pay?

  • (27:17) Can you predict future hiring trends?

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