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SAP, Microsoft Duet unveiled: Special report

Get the latest news and information about Duet, the jointly developed SAP-Microsoft product. Listen to an audio download about the technology or take our quiz.

Duet, the jointly developed SAP-Microsoft product formerly known as "Mendocino," was unveiled in May. Duet software, which melds SAP back-end data with front-end Microsoft Office tools, has generated a lot of interest. Find the latest independent news and information about Duet below.

  Special report: Duet unveiled  

  • NEW Podcast: SAP, Microsoft Duet's costs, viability explained: Jim Murphy, a research director at Boston-based AMR Research Inc. discusses his firm's survey of SAP customers familiar with the jointly developed SAP-Microsoft Duet software. Overall, respondents saw the value that could be gained using the software, which melds SAP data with the familiar front-end Microsoft Office tools. Still, 27 out of 74 survey respondents had reservations about adopting Duet, according to the AMR survey. Murphy explains why he believes customers should be cautious about the costs and long-term viability of Duet.

  • Special Report Part 1: Duet in a nutshell: Duet, the jointly developed SAP-Microsoft product formerly known as "Mendocino," is unveiled. Get the basic information you need to know about it here.

  • Quiz: Duet 101: You've heard about Duet, but are you up to speed on the features, requirements and future improvements currently on the horizon?

  • Duet: SAP customers see success, challenges ahead : SAP customers like what they see in the Microsoft-SAP Duet software, but some say it isn't ready for prime time, according to a recent survey from AMR Research Inc.

  • Sapphire attendees see potential in Duet, composite applications: Attendees at the SAP Sapphire user conference are generally pleased with the direction SAP executives are steering the company. Some customers see Duet and composite applications in their future.

  • SAP, Microsoft Duet chosen by highway commission: Follow the deployment strategy for Duet from one of the first customers. Read their reasoning and requirements that made Duet an easy decision.

  • SAP sings Duet with Microsoft, but is it worth the hype?: Kevin Fliess, SAP's vice president of product marketing for emerging solutions, speaks frankly about Duet, its benefits and challenges moving forward.

  • SAP executives urge customers to upgrade: There's no better time to upgrade to the latest version of SAP to take full advantage of NetWeaver, according to SAP executives at the Sapphire user conference.

  • Microsoft, SAP unveil Duet Website: Microsoft and SAP unveiled the jointly developed Mendocino project as Duet and went live with to explain the details.


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