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Podcast: SAP, Microsoft Duet costs, viability explained

Jim Murphy of AMR Research discusses a recent survey in which SAP customers saw the value in Duet, but said it isn't ready for prime time.

Jim Murphy, a research director at Boston-based AMR Research Inc. discusses his firm's survey of SAP customers familiar with the jointly developed SAP-Microsoft Duet software. Overall, respondents saw the value that could be gained using the software, which melds SAP data with the familiar front-end Microsoft Office tools. Still, 27 out of 74 survey respondents had reservations about adopting Duet, according to the AMR survey. Murphy explains why he believes customers should be cautious about the costs and long-term viability of Duet.

  Podcast: SAP, Microsoft Duet's costs, viability explained  

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  Program highlights  

  • (1:23) Did those surveyed say they would upgrade to the latest version of SAP solely to use Duet?

  • (2:20) Why is Duet not the biggest driver for customers to upgrade to the latest version of SAP?

  • (5:11) There are different requirements for the various Duet scenarios.

  • (8:37) SAP says a development kit is due out. Will a development kit be more appealing to independent software vendors or SAP customers?

  • (11:13) So, is it fair to say that the customers you surveyed liked what they saw in Duet but said that the software isn't ready for deployment across the enterprise?

  • (12:51) In your analysis of the survey, you pointed out that there may be some room to be suspicious about the viability of Duet. Can you explain what you meant?

  • (15:50) Where does Lotus Notes fit into the equation? Does it have a similar SAP integration package?

  • (18:44) What are some of the unknown costs associated with Duet? Are they solely requirement related?

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