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True IT blooper # 60: I need techunicual huelp!

Spilling water on a keyboard left one remote worker all wuet.

Throughout my teenage years, my father had a continuously scrolling message in large, florescent letters as his screen saver: "No food or drink near the computer...No food or drink near the computer." He did this to constantly remind my mother, sister and I not to spill anything on his precious equipment. Like most of the advice my dad tried to give me over the years, I usually ignored this warning and enjoyed my Pop-tart and Coke while surfing the Web and checking e-mail. But after reading the story below, maybe dear old dad was right after all...

This blooper came to us from Sharon B. Rowe, an IT Manager for National Truck Equipment Association. Sharon received the following email from a remote employee. The subject line read, "HUelp! I need techunicual huelp."

The rest of the email went as follows:

"I spilled somue water on muy keyboard and now it is sporadicly adding thue letter "u" in and muy backspace doesn't delete, but adds muoreu 'u's.

HUelp!!! Thuanks!!


(I could've spellchuecked, but I thuoughut thuis would hueulpu meu muakeu muy puoiunt). EUeeueuks! IUt's gettiung wouruseu!"

Now, if I spilled water in the keyboard, I would have been grounded for life, but luckily for Michelle, Sharon found the email funny. She said, "After I stopped laughing, I called and assured her that the keyboard probably just need to dry out. In all my years of maintaining systems I have never had anything like this come across my desk. It made my day." We hope it made yours too...I know it made my dad's.

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