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Podcast: Roundtable: SAP firms struggle to master compliance investments

Abbe Mulders, CIO of Dow Corning Corp., Joshua Greenbaum, principal consultant of Enterprise Applications Consulting and Rod Masney, president of the Americas' SAP Users' Group discuss SAP and compliance.

SAP firms are struggling to keep up with compliance issues and are looking for a better approach to efficiently...

manage compliance investments, according to a panel of experts. Abbe Mulders, CIO of Dow Corning Corp., Joshua Greenbaum, principal consultant of Enterprise Applications Consulting and Rod Masney, president of the Americas' SAP Users' Group discuss SAP and regulatory compliance.

  Roundtable: SAP firms struggle to master compliance investments  

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  • Abbe M. Mulders is the chief information officer at Dow Corning Corp. She has worldwide responsibility for Dow Corning's IT strategy and the two to five year information technology planning cycle that supports the implementation of Dow Corning's new business models. Mulders joined Dow Corning in 1979 as a programmer/analyst. She became an IT team leader in 1989 and in 1996, she was named manager of application delivery and support. Mulders was named chief information officer and executive director in 2001.

  • Joshua Greenbaum is a market research analyst and consultant at Enterprise Applications Consulting. He has more than 15 years of experience in the industry as a computer programmer, systems analyst, author, and consultant. Prior to starting his own firm, Enterprise Applications Consulting, he was the founding director of the Packaged Software Strategies Service for Hurwitz Group, which focused on technology, infrastructure and business issues in the enterprise applications market.

  • Rod Masney is president of the Americas' SAP Users' Group. Masney is the global information and technology architect at O-I, formerly known as Ownes-Illinois, located in Toledo, Ohio. In this role, he has leadership responsibilities for the definition, development and deployment of O-I's global information technology architecture as well as the implementation of SAP worldwide.

      Program highlights  

  • (2:44) Where are companies on compliance spending? Are companies spending on consultants, technology or a mixture of both?

  • (4:58) Are companies actively seeking support and best practices in compliance?

  • (6:58) Can there be any real business benefits achieved through compliance?

  • (8:48) Can compliance get in the way of doing business?

  • (11:17) Where do companies begin with compliance project? Is there a typical scenario?

  • (13:38) What is the purpose behind SAP's new Governance, Risk and Compliance Business Unit?

  • (16:17) Will SAP customers see a new set of compliance software developed as a result of the new business unit?

  • (18:28) Are SAP customers relying on third party vendors and SAP partners to fill the compliance gaps in SAP software? If so, where are some of these gaps?

  • (19:30) SAP is emphasizing a governance, risk and compliance framework. Do companies lack a framework when it comes to compliance?

  • (22:05) Does ASUG have any best practices information available to members for compliance?

  • (22:38) Is compliance a very difficult topic to develop best practices around?

  • (24:30) Is there a difference in the way midmarket CIOs and large company CIOs address compliance?

  • (25:17) Are companies hiring employees to deal specifically with compliance or are they hiring consultants?

      Program Links:  

  • New SAP business unit to focus on compliance: SAP is creating a new business unit to wrap its compliance products with software from its recent acquisition of compliance software vendor, Virsa Systems Inc.

  • Study: SOX compliance costs drop in second year: Companies following Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act will see a decline in compliance costs in their second year. However, IT spending on SOX compliance will continue to grow.

  • Quiz: Compliance: When it comes to compliance, you better have your "acts" together or there could be some hefty fines coming your way. We're offering this quiz to test how compliance savvy you are.

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