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True IT Blooper #55: An ode to 'ouch'

When his bracelet gave an ISA card a tap, This IT pro got a surprise -- a nasty zap.

Rick Ferris worked in IT and liked to wear gold jewelry. On this very special day, his adornment caused tomfoolery.

You see, his PC's ISA card had to be taken out. He needed to find out what a problem was about.

Rick shut down the computer and unplugged it too. It seemed like he knew the right thing to do.

And while this is basically true, Sadly, Rick missed one vital clue.

A zap, a poof then smoke there was. Rick felt a shock, a tingle and a buzz.

His gold bracelet got too close and electric he became. Oh no, what have I done, he suddenly exclaimed!

Rick was scared to death that he'd fried the board. A replacement was more than the department could afford.

But Lady Luck was generous that day. The fractious board was actually OK.

So Rick saved the day and all was well. No thanks to his gold that caused pell-mell.

The moral of the story is all too clear. Jewelry and hardware is something to fear.

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