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Master data management trends for SAP customers podcast

Master data management (MDM) is emerging as an important enterprise technology. Gartner's Andrew White and SAP's Sunil Gupta discuss recent trends affecting SAP customers and the market as a whole.

In this podcast, News Editor Robert Westervelt interviews Andrew White, a research director at Gartner Inc., about the latest master data management trends and which third party vendors stand out in the market. White researches supply chain planning and data synchronization for distribution intensive industries such as consumer-packaged goods and retail value chains. Also, Sunil Gupta, director of SAP product marketing, describes SAP's approach to MDM and how SAP customers are using it.

  Podcast: Master data management trends and resources for SAP customers  

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  Program highlights  

  • (1:00) Why are many companies taking an interest in master data management (MDM)?

  • (2:22) How are companies addressing master data issues? Are they choosing third party niche vendors?

  • (4:17) Why did initial MDM projects start with product data and then expand to customer and supplier data?

  • (6:11) Is there a roadmap for companies to follow when starting an MDM project?

  • (8:30) Is there a particular person within a company that starts and leads an MDM project?

  • (9:30) How long do MDM projects take?

  • (10:27) SAP MDM: Where did SAP begin?

  • (11:16) What did SAP see in A2i?

  • (13:00) SAP MDM initially worked solely with product data.

  • (13:30) SAP expanded support for other data sets in March.

  • (15:00) What are the main challenges for SAP customers? Are there some initial adoption issues?

  • (15:30) Is there a simple SAP MDM deployment?

  • (16:52) Are there some MDM third party vendors that stand out?

  • (18:42) Sunil Gupta, director of product marketing, SAP MDM

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  • With MDM, it's all about the journey: Your organization may never achieve true master data management, but speakers and attendees at this week's Data Warehousing Institute conference say there are plenty of reasons to try anyway.

  • Nortel to dump Oracle, solve fiscal woes using SAP: Nortel Networks is streamlining its data sources and installing SAP's master data management middleware. But SAP MDM lacks functionality, and customers need third-party tools to meet typical MDM requirements, analyst says.

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