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Special Report: RFID for SAP

This special feature compiles new and archived content about RFID, radio frequency identification technology.

RFID, which can be used to identify and track products as they move through the supply chain, is becoming increasingly important to managers who wish to increase supply chain efficiency, and therefore the bottom line, of their company. will bring you up to date with the latest RFID news, technical tips and analysis. This report also provides an easy resource of related content from our archives.

  RFID in the spotlight  

  • An Introduction to RFID: Steve Winkler, SAP Industry Standards Architect and SDN blogger, offers insights on topics like RFID standards, business applications, compliance issues and Auto-Id Infrastructure (AII).

  • RFID adoption slips to cruise control in '06: There was a lot of talk about RFID when Wal-Mart and Uncle Sam started demanding it in 2005. What's the current status of RFID as it applies to SAP users? Some companies are beginning to find business value in their RFID investments, but widespread adoption is moving slower than expected, according to industry experts

  • How to build a business case for RFID: Widespread RFID adoption is slower than expected, but early adopters are beginning to see results according to one expert. As best practices emerge, more companies will evaluate whether RFID will fit into their supply chain footprint. This checklist gives a general overview of where to begin.

  Recent news and analysis  

  Case studies  

  • After trial and error, drug maker deploys RFID: Purdue Pharma, among the earliest SAP adopters of RFID, is tracking its most sensitive drugs with the technology. SAP plans to launch industry specific software to deal with RFID deployment and data integration challenges.

  • Nortel to dump Oracle, solve fiscal woes using SAP: Nortel Networks is implementing SAP's master data management. But SAP MDM lacks functionality, and customers need third-party tools to meet typical MDM requirements, an analyst says.

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