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Podcast: TomorrowNow CEO responds to critics of SAP union

In a broad ranging interview, Andrew Nelson, CEO of SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow, discusses his firm's strategy as it extends support to Siebel customers and recent criticism from members of the Quest International User's Group.

Andrew Nelson, CEO of SAP's subsidiary TomorrowNow, discusses his firm's strategy as it broadens its maintenance and support options to include Siebel Systems customers. He spoke to during the SAP Sapphire '06 user conference in Orlando, Fla. TomorrowNow, acquired by SAP last year, began selling maintenance and support services to PeopleSoft customers in 2002. SAP uses TomorrowNow to draw customers away from rival Oracle Corp. through the SAP Safe Passage program. Safe Passage provides incentives to PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Retek, and now Siebel customers to migrate from Oracle to SAP. In this interview, Nelson also addresses recent criticism from members of the Quest International Users Group, who say his firm can no longer provide independent maintenance and support. In February, Quest revoked TomorrowNow's membership from the organization and denied it access to its annual conference.

   Podcast: TomorrowNow CEO responds to critics of SAP union  

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  Program highlights  

  • (1:19) What internal changes will take place at TomorrowNow as you begin supporting Siebel customers?

  • (3:52) How is TomorrowNow doing reaching out directly to Siebel customers?

  • (4:44) TomorrowNow's merger with SAP has caused some difficulty with members of the Quest International Users Group.

  • (7:02) Since you were acquired by SAP, how many new customers were brought on board that decided not to switch to SAP?

  • (9:00) Were you able to bring customers on board that are only using TomorrowNow for support?

  • (10:06) The independent third party support providers have said they can do the same service as TomorrowNow at a same or lower cost and without the added pressure to migrate to SAP. What is your response?

  • (11:35) At a certain point won't your strategy have to change when Oracle Fusion is unveiled?

  • (13:27) Part of the Siebel announcement said Siebel customers could save up to 50% in maintenance and support fees. How do you arrive at that number?

  • (14:50) Where are your support centers located?

  • (15:18) Do you outsource any of your support staff?

  • (16:38) Of the new customers you brought on board, how many migrated via the SAP Safe Passage program?

  • (18:19) Are the majority of your new customers since the merger coming from Germany?

  • (21:16) What were the initial challenges when you launched JD Edwards support and how were they addressed with the addition of Siebel support?

  • (21:50) Has TomorrowNow made a profit for SAP at this point?

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  • SAP rolls out new support option: SAP's new "premium" level support fills a gap between standard support and its high end services.

  • SAP to bolster support program with new hires: SAP executives said Tuesday they plan to hire additional personnel to support its new premium support package.

  • Real estate firm signs SAP Safe Passage deal: A Cleveland real estate management firm is joining up to 30 companies that are migrating to SAP through its Safe Passage program.

  • SAP broadens 'safe passage' for retailers: SAP is broadening its Safe Passage program, extending incentives to retail customers running Retek software. Oracle Corp. is melding newly acquired Retek into its business suite.

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