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Podcast: SAP ABAP, IBM WebSphere, RFID skills pay rising

Employers are paying a premium for SAP ABAP, IBM WebSphere skills, Java experts and radio frequency identification technology talent, according to research from Foote Partners LLC.

Employers are paying a premium for SAP ABAP, IBM WebSphere skills and Java experts. IT personnel skilled in radio frequency identification technology are also being paid well, according to research from Foote Partners LLC. Find out what skills are hot and cold in this interview with David Foote, president of Foote Partners LLC. Oracle skills remain strong, but the SAP job market is hot, Foote said. Meanwhile, non-certified skills are growing faster than certified skills.

   Podcast: SAP ABAP, IBM WebSphere, RFID skills pay rising  

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  Program highlights  

  • (1:05) Microsoft and SAP held a joint press conference: The vendors announce the jointly developed Mendocino Project as Duet. The two vendors also unveiled a Web site (

  • (2:12) SAP leads Oracle in order management, Forrester says: The latest report from Forrester Research gives SAP a lead over Oracle's E-Business Suite and Siebel software in order hub management.

  • (4:00) Employers are putting less value on certifications: Are certifications worth it anymore?

  • (6:05) What certifications have remained market stalwarts?

  • (8:43) If we head into a recession or there is a blip in the market, would IT personnel with certifications fare better than personnel going on experience and skills alone?

  • (9:49) How often do you produce reports? What is your background and methodology?

  • (14:08) What non-certified technical skills are seeing the most growth, according to your latest research?

  • (18:00) SAP ABAP developers and other SAP skills are hot, according to Foote.

  • (18:48) Are Oracle skills growing in value as quickly as SAP skills?

  • (19:15) Are Web services and service oriented architecture projects driving the need for IT personnel with these skills?

  • (20:47) Operating systems: Linux skills are in big demand, Foote said.

  • (21:35) Messaging and project management skills are in demand, Foote said.

  • (26:25) What are the highest paying certifications identified in your research?

  • (27:39) Any good news for database administrators?

  • (30:21) What are the highest paying non-certified skills?

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