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The state of the SAP job market podcast

News Editor Robert Westervelt talks with Jon Reed, an SAP job market expert, who gives the latest scoop on SAP related issues and technologies driving the market for IT jobs.

In's second podcast, news editor Robert Westervelt provides an update of recent stories of importance to SAP professionals. He interviews Jon Reed, who serves as a site expert on SAP careers for Reed is the author of the SAP Consultant Handbook and is the Vice President of SAPtips, an online publication and services firm that focuses on optimizing the SAP software investment.

  Podcast: The state of the SAP job market  

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  Program highlights  

  • (:37) Real estate firm signs Safe Passage deal: A Cleveland real estate management firm is among 200 companies that are migrating to SAP through its Safe Passage program.

  • (1:25) Troubled vendor targets SAP customers with Linux servers: Silicon Graphics is teaming up with a consulting firm to target SAP customers migrating off mainframe platforms.

  • (2:40) Site Expert Jon Reed: Reed handles career related questions from our readers. He has been publishing career related analysis for more than a decade.

  • (3:10) Reed provides an overview of the job market changes over the last five years.

  • (4:52) Reed outlines the latest trends driving the market.

  • (5:51) How are Web services and service oriented architectures driving the job market?

  • (7:40) The outsourcing of ABAP: The death of ABAP is premature, according to Reed.

  • (9:33) Regulatory compliance and security skills: Where do the skills fit into your resume?

  • (11:40) SAP CRM Ondemand and Software-as-a-service: Is it something to pay attention to?

  • (13:41) RFID, supply chain and sensor technology: Are companies holding back on investments?

      Program Links:  

  • is an online publication on SAP implementation best practices authored by SAP consultants. In addition to providing an online library of project-tested "tips," SAPtips also provides expert consulting and training.

  • Site Expert Jon Reed: Read the latest questions our readers posed to SAP Career Expert Jon Reed.

  • SAP Career Advancement Learning Guide: This guide gathers premium information from across the Web to prepare you for all aspects of career transition -- it can help you make a drastic career change or simply advance your current position.

  • SAP Job Seeker's Learning Guide: Check out the latest expert advice, resources, articles and online learning tools designed to get you ahead in your job search and make you a valuable commodity in today's competitive job market.

  • Editorial Blog: This is the place for additional commentary and discussion about recent events, news stories or whatever else happens in the SAP world.

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