Top SAP stories of 2005

A job market recovery, SAP and Oracle battling it out for market superiority, and NetWeaver developments got the most interest from readers in 2005.

Top SAP stories of 2005 readers took an interest in the apparent job market recovery in 2005. Other issues that caused our page views to spike were news stories about SAP's battle with Oracle in the ERP market and articles about SAP's product roadmap going forward. Find out what you may have missed in these exclusive news articles.

SAP consultants see job market rebound
The job market is rebounding for many SAP consultants, but employers are still carefully scrutinizing who gets the most lucrative positions, according to a career expert who specializes in SAP-related skills.
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  • Salaries recovering for some IT skills
    Offshore outsourcing, long thought to be associated with the plummeting salaries of some IT specialties, is believed to have less effect, according to the results of a study released this week by IT research consultancy Foote Partners LLC.

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  • Microsoft-SAP Mendocino project has opportunities, drawbacks
    Mendocino integrates some SAP processes into Microsoft's Office suite. The initial product has many opportunities and some drawbacks, according to analysts.

  • SAP pros flock to SAP XI discussion
    SAP pros are beginning integration projects with SAP Exchange Infrastructure, while other firms are considering the new technology.

  • New features added to NetWeaver
    SAP is adding job scheduling and monitoring features to its SAP NetWeaver integration and development platform.

  • SAP to shift focus off its core ERP suite
    SAP is planning to gain more revenue from analytical and composite applications generated from partners and ISVs on its NetWeaver platform, signaling a shift off of revenue gains from its core ERP suite, according to Werner Brandt, chief financial officer and member of SAP's executive board.

  • Oracle's Phillips swings at SAP
    Oracle Corp. president Charles E. Phillips Jr. criticized SAP, citing a lack of endorsements and support for NetWeaver and a lack of upgrade projects among SAP's customer base.

  • Open source gaining traction in ERP market
    A growing number of companies are looking into the possibility of deploying mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications on top of the open source Linux operating system, according to technology professionals and industry analysts.

  • Latest mySAP ERP upgrade launched early
    AP AG is shipping the latest version of its enterprise resource planning software, mySAP ERP, to customers a month ahead of schedule.

  • Microsoft, SAP open door to developers
    Hoping to draw Microsoft's development community into the NetWeaver world, Microsoft and SAP today introduced a new portal development tool.

  • Commentary: The not-so-surprising allure of SAP
    It's funny how much Silicon Valley so unabashedly loves a winner. While SAP was never a pariah, it wasn't exactly known as the company everyone wanted to sign on to, according to Joshua Greenbaum, a market research analyst and consultant at Enterprise Applications Consulting.

  • SAP says slow movement to mySAP ERP necessary
    SAP customers are still deliberating in great numbers over whether and when to upgrade to mySAP ERP, but the executive leading SAP's global ERP initiatives said a slow and steady movement to the latest version of SAP's software suite is anticipated.

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