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Review: Data migration, SAP job skirmishes highlighted

Data migration issues associated with SAP's Exchange Infrastructure and a story on the most lucrative SAP jobs got the most interest from readers in October.

Data migration issues associated with SAP's Exchange Infrastructure garnered the most interest in early October....

Job skills also received a lot of attention. In an interview with, David Foote, an IT skill researcher projected a more competitive job market for SAP pros. He said the competition could result in talent skirmishes for the most lucrative jobs.

A two-part interview with SAP CEO Bill McDermott addressed SAP's strategy going forward and highlighted the ongoing software war between SAP and Oracle. It's not over yet.

Meanwhile, SAP executives have been touting the vendor's Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) strategy. Do you know what ESA is? SearchSAP site expert Naeem Hashmi said last month that he doesn't think SAP executives know.

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Talent skirmishes in store for SAP pros
A new report from IT research consultancy Foote Partners projects job growth in 2006, but demand for SAP workers is spiking, resulting in talent skirmishes for lucrative positions.
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Topic centers:

  • SAP pros flock to SAP XI discussion
    SAP pros are beginning integration projects with SAP Exchange Infrastructure, while other firms are considering the new technology.

  • Top 10 best practices for BW
    Looking for best practices for business warehouse (BW) applications? Janet Hutchinson, a BW expert from Wyeth Pharmeceuticals, gave a presentation at SAP TechEd '05 on ten ways to leverage BW in your enterprise.

  • SAP's McDermott addresses ESA, midmarket challenges
    In part two of a two-part interview, SAP America CEO Bill McDermott addresses meeting Microsoft in the midmarket and how SAP's enterprise services architecture plan will unfold.

  • Breaking down SAP's ESA strategy
    Site expert Naeem Hashmi helps simplify SAP's Enterprise Services Architecture message.

  • Siebel beats the SOA drum, threatens SAP
    On the verge of merging with Oracle, Siebel Systems announced plans to launch new tools that join Web services with CRM component customization and business processes.

  • SAP launches midmarket push against Microsoft, Oracle
    SAP is aiming at the midmarket with new versions of its preconfigured best practices software. Challenges exist as Microsoft is gaining the most momentum, according to analysts.

  • Raytheon executives accept SAP XI pitch
    A senior level IT manager at Raytheon said it took convincing, but executives have approved a plan to implement SAP's exchange infrastructure across all the company's divisions to handle integration issues.
  • Dig Deeper on SAP application integration

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