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Review: SAP customers mull upgrade decisions; Migration dilemma examined

As the Oracle-SAP battle intensifies, both vendors are racing to build their customer bases.

Upgrade decisions dominated the news in August, as SAP tried to motivate its customers to upgrade to mySAP ERP,...

the latest version of its ERP software. Meanwhile, Forrester Research Inc. said most SAP customers remain on older versions of the software suite, possibly keeping the door open for enterprises to defect to Oracle. SAP responded by saying its customers could move forward on their own timetable.

SAP users slow to migrate to mySAP, opens door for Oracle An estimated 95% of SAP customers are not using mySAP applications, keeping the door slightly ajar for Oracle Corp. to attract those customers to its software suite, according to analysts at Forrester Research Inc.

SAP says slow movement to mySAP ERP necessary Great numbers of SAP customers are still deliberating over when, or even whether, to upgrade to mySAP ERP, but the executive leading SAP's global ERP initiatives said he anticipates slow and steady movement to the new suite.

Commentary: SAP's migration dilemma It's one thing to get a customer to agree to a new technology infrastructure and set of applications, it's another to actually make sure the transition is smooth and safe for all concerned.

SAP trumps Oracle in march to SOA SAP is progressing with its plan to services-enable its entire business suite by 2007 and has made partnerships around its strategy, outpacing rival Oracle Corp. in an increasingly competitive applications software market, according to a report by Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc.

NetWeaver, mySAP upgrades result in process changes IDS Scheer, an SAP partner and consultancy, says firms integrating NetWeaver or upgrading to mySAP have business process changes ahead.

NetWeaver integration moving toward more critical apps A software vendor working closely with SAP to monitor NetWeaver implementations is beginning to see early adopters integrate more critical applications onto the platform.

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