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Sybase completes RFID package with addition

Sybase is launching an addition to its RFID Anywhere products, adding software and infrastructure support to help integrate data into a company IT system for analysis.

CHICAGO -- Sybase Inc. is the latest infrastructure vendor to launch a complete radio frequency identification (RFID) software package to integrate data collected from tag readers into a company's IT systems for analysis.

There are built-in connectors to SAP, PeopleSoft and others because most companies have partners using different software and infrastructure.
Chris Foley,
director of RFIDSybase, iAnywhere

Sybase has rolled out RFID Edgeware, which provides an interface and systems management tool to RFID readers and bar-code scanners and printers. The software also automates the loading of RFID data into SQL databases and provides a specialized RFID database schema for storing other data associated with the business context of the data.

The product is aimed at companies in mixed infrastructure environments. It includes support to integrate RFID data into SAP, Oracle and other ERP systems, said Chris Foley, director of RFID at iAnywhere, a Dublin, Calif., subsidiary of Sybase.

"There are built-in connectors to SAP, PeopleSoft and others because most companies have partners using different software and infrastructure," Foley said. "This solution helps them leapfrog from a paper-based world into the world of RFID and barcode."

The announcement was made Monday at the RFID Journal Live conference in Chicago. The three-day conference focuses on RFID technology and showcases early adopters.

The Edgeware package also comes with RFID business process, integration and monitoring tools. The tools map the business processes required for RFID data to existing systems using Web-based dashboards. Customers can set up unique business rules and monitor real-time event streams based on those rules, Foley said. "Companies are finding it very challenging to aggregate data into an appropriate schema and pull meaning from it," he said. "Our solution allows that to happen.".

RFID Reporting software allows users to develop ad-hoc RFID reports using consolidated RFID data. A limited-use license of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) DBMS is included in the package.

Sybase began an early adopter program last August to develop its RFID middleware through its iAnywhere subsidiary. The company also partnered with San Mateo, Calif.-based AeroScout to develop a Wi-Fi location and active RFID tracking software package.

The product price begins at $20,000 and is limited to 20 devices.

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