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Brief: SAP warns of phony support calls

SAP is issuing a warning to customers not to provide implementation data to telephone callers identifying themselves as SAP support staff.

SAP has issued a warning in its company magazine telling customers not to provide confidential data to anyone claiming...

to be SAP support staff.

SAP spokesman Markus Berner said the company was made aware that several German-based companies had received phony support calls from people claiming to be calling on behalf of SAP.

"We want to make it clear that SAP reps never call out to customers asking for implementation data," Berner said. "If someone asks for internal information, then you should just hang up."

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The warning appeared this month in the German edition of the company's SAP Info magazine. No other actions have been taken, Berner said.

The phony phone calls could be from an SAP competitor using an underhanded method of finding sales leads, said Michael Dominy, a senior analyst on business applications and commerce with Boston-based Yankee Group.

Information such as the cost of an ERP project, the types of modules being installed, and any integration problems with legacy systems could be very valuable in the hands of competitors, Dominy said.

"This could be a bigger issue for SAP than their customer base," Dominy said.

"Most companies are conservative over what information they share with the public and, in this case, a competitor could be looking for an area to sell their services."

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