SAP implementation and upgrades

  • September 08, 2004 08 Sep'04

    Commentary: Don't rush to mySAP ERP

    Gartner Inc. analyst Yvonne Genovese helps answer the question on the minds of executives around the globe: When do I upgrade to mySAP ERP?

  • July 08, 2004 08 Jul'04

    Eclipse Aviation soars to Enterprise

    Eclipse Aviation, a startup manufacturer of low-cost aircraft, has found the recipe for easy SAP upgrades.

  • June 23, 2004 23 Jun'04

    New SAP tool speeds up NetWeaver installation

    SAP today released a new tool it says will speed implementation of its NetWeaver platform. But the Rapid Installer tool will compete against a slew of niche integration vendors.

  • May 26, 2004 26 May'04

    Companies take baby steps toward grid

    A Forrester Research survey shows that many companies are taking steps toward grid computing despite uncertainty about where they are headed.

  • March 19, 2004 19 Mar'04

    New NetWeaver looms on middleware horizon

    One product. One price. And now one customer talks about why NetWeaver lives up to SAP's hype.

  • March 18, 2004 18 Mar'04

    SAP extends support, revamps licensing

    In a day full of announcements, SAP rolled out a bold new maintenance calendar and introduced the latest edition of its integration platform.

  • March 12, 2004 12 Mar'04

    SAC – An SAP case study

    In 1997, faced with a DOS based IT/Finance system that was not Y2K compliant and the need for an enterprise wide system that delivered business information, SAC brought in consultants Ernst & Young (E&Y) to identify an alternative. There began a ...

  • January 15, 2004 15 Jan'04

    New EMC tool supports SAP upgrades

    EMC Corp. is targeting SAP customers facing R/3 support deadlines with a new replication tool designed to ease upgrades.

  • October 22, 2003 22 Oct'03

    Some SAP shops take smaller upgrade steps

    SAP wants customers to make the move to mySAP ERP, but not everyone is ready to undertake a major migration just yet.

  • October 01, 2003 01 Oct'03

    SAP harmonizes data

    SAP is set to ship its Master Data Management (MDM) module as part of its NetWeaver platform. Its analytical and search capabilities allow users to identify identical or similar data objects across systems.

  • September 25, 2003 25 Sep'03

    SAP: Skip Enterprise, jump to mySAP ERP

    At's annual user event in Chicago, SAP America CEO Bill McDermott urged users to consider the company's newest migration option, mySAP ERP.

  • January 24, 2003 24 Jan'03

    2003: Year of the ERP upgrade

    In the ERP world, it's the year of the upgrade. IT teams everywhere, it seems, are receiving support deadlines from large vendors. Many users aren't happy about it, considering the dearth of IT dollars available to them as 2003 begins. Frankly, said...

  • November 04, 2002 04 Nov'02 negotiations a tough task

    Now may be the best time to get SAP to give a little in software licensing negotiations, but the process isn't nearly as simple as it was -- especially when it comes to A noted contract negotiator arms you with advice to take to your ...

  • December 12, 2001 12 Dec'01

    Gift #3- Dazzling implementations

    Our third gift to you is implementation experience. SearchSAP user "Audrey" recently asked her peers to share their implementation experience in our Expert challenge forum. Our users took the challenge.

  • August 10, 2001 10 Aug'01

    Quick Takes: From the implementation front

    Pharmaceutical company Merck used Mercury Interactive tools to test its SAP R/3 implementation; Network Associates relied on Intelligroup to facilitate its R/3 implementation; SAP America appoints a new executive.