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Top 10 SAP versus Oracle showdowns

SAP and Oracle's feuds are legendary -- and public. Here's a list of stories from SearchOracle and SearchSAP on the two companies' epic showdowns.

There's no love lost between the executives at SAP and Oracle.  They continuously battle over their competing software products and gloat over stealing each other's customers. Their lawsuit over TomorrowNow has dragged on for years.

Here's a list of the best articles from SearchSAP and SearchOracle highlighting SAP versus Oracle. Read about where the two software companies have recently done battle.

1. Faceoff (part 1): SAP HANA a full in-memory database, unlike Oracle Exalytics

SAP HANA allows real-time analysis of billions of rows of data -- way better than Oracle Exalytics, according to one expert.

Read why the author thinks SAP HANA comes out on top.

2. Faceoff (part 2): Oracle Exalytics, a true appliance, surpasses SAP HANA

Oracle Exalytics has backward compatibility, innovative in-memory database features and is a true appliance, making it better than SAP HANA.

Read the counter-argument as to why Oracle Exalytics is superior to SAP HANA.

3. SAP and Oracle get bloody over HANA and in-memory

Who needs pay-per-view boxing when you can watch two of the world’s largest tech companies hold their own enterprise software version of Fight Club, with millions of dollars in future sales at stake?

SAP, which in the past has typically jabbed Oracle not by name but with thinly veiled references, has decided to go toe-to-toe with Oracle over its claims about the cost and validity of the SAP HANA in-memory database platform.

What are Oracle's criticisms of SAP HANA?

4. Can SAP databases compete with Oracle?

John Matelski is far from convinced they can.

Matelski is chief information officer and IT director for Georgia’s Gwinnett County, which runs Oracle Database as well as SAP applications. According to him, having an enterprise-class product and convincing customers to embrace it are two very different things.

Read why Matelski thinks SAP's database plans may be too optimistic.

5. Supplier onboarding with Oracle and SAP procurement

When it comes to getting a purchase-to-pay environment up and running, supplier onboarding is a critical yet often overlooked enabler of bringing spend under control. Many companies that went down the ERP procurement path were not able to onboard suppliers as quickly as they had hoped, resulting in implementations with only a small subset of the planned supply base integrated into the system.

What procurement options do SAP, Oracle customers have?

6. Restaurant chain stumbles, then finds SAP BPC implementation groove

CKE Restaurants began the move to SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) after concluding that its Oracle software was too rigid and limited to do what the company needed it to do, according to Ryan Hanawalt, CKE's finance manager. 

Learn why CKE went from Oracle to SAP.

7. Ace Hardware picks SAP Financials over Oracle for order processing

When Ace Hardware went looking for a way to integrate its financials and order-processing systems, it decided going with Oracle was too risky.

What else made Ace Hardware nervous about going with Oracle?

8. Oracle-Taleo vs. SAP-SuccessFactors: A different feel

While Oracle’s acquisition of Taleo and SAP’s SuccessFactors buy were both multi-billion dollar human capital management deals, they’re very different, according to experts from Constellation Research.

Read how the two acquisitions differ.

9. The NBA drafts SAP HANA for stats-hungry fans

The National Basketball Association currently uses Oracle PeopleSoft for its core financials and human capital management, but it went with SAP HANA when it came to the numbers-heavy statistical section of its fan site. 

Why did the NBA go with HANA?

10. Oracle appeals $306 million settlement in SAP-TomorrowNow lawsuit

Oracle wanted more than $2 billion in its copyright infringement lawsuit against SAP and TomorrowNow, so $306 million apparently isn't cutting it.

Only the latest turn of events in the bruising, years-old TomorrowNow legal battle. 

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