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Tips on SAP ABAP's application development expert, Matthew Billingham offers tips and advice on working with SAP ABAP as well as program design, SAP troubleshooting, Java, BAPI, XML, RFC and SAPscript.

SAP ABAP is a 4GL programming language used by SAP customers to enhance SAP applications, as well as create custom reports and interfaces. Creating ABAP programs requires programming skills, including knowledge of relational database design and preferably also of object-oriented programming concepts. SAP's newest development platform, NetWeaver, supports ABAP and Java. The ABAP language environment, including the syntax checking, code generation and runtime system, is part of the SAP Basis component.

Matthew Billingham

Tips on working with ABAP are contributed by's application development expert, Matthew Billingham. He offers advice in program design, SAP troubleshooting, ABAP, Java, BAPI, XML, RFC and SAPscript.

Billingham runs his own SAP consultancy, providing guidance and designing solutions for third parties. His expertise is in program design, troubleshooting and knowing just how SAP works/ His clients describe him as a "consultant for everything." He says he likes to solve intractable SAP problems.

 Here are some of Billingham's recent thoughts on ABAP:


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