Step 1: Setting the stage

Hate manual data entry work? How about a typing in a few hundred line items in purchase orders with descriptions like "BOWMA-TORQ HX HD CAP SCR 1/2-13X1-1/2"? If the items do not exist as material numbers, you have no choice but to type their description by hand ... Except, of course, if you automate it with a smart SAPGUI script. Veteran Basis guru Giovanni Davila walks you through the process in this handy step-by-step guide. This is step 1.

Here is the scenario prior to the automation:
1. My users received Excel spreadsheets directly from vendors or from other employees containing items that need to be ordered.
2. They created Purchase Orders (P.O.s) and typed them in, item by item. Sometimes, they switched back and forth between Excel and SAPGUI to copy and paste the item description, or sometimes they just printed the spreadsheet and read from it.

Needless to say, this process is tedious, prone to errors (typos) and time-consuming.

In a nutshell, here is what I did to automate their data entry:
1. I observed them enter a few line items in a P.O. That way, I could identify the data pieces required to create their P.Os.
2. Then I created a P.O. myself and recorded the steps in a VBS script using SAPGUI scripting.
3. Lastly, I wrote an ABAP program to read a (line-item) data file and convert it into a VBS script that can be played using SAPGUI scripting.

See the following diagram to get a better idea of the new process:


 Home: Introduction
  Step 1: Setting the stage
 Step 2: Activating SAPGUI scripting
 Step 3: Preparing the input data file
 Step 4: Recording the data entry
 Step 5: Analyzing the VBS script
 Step 6: Automating the VBS script creation
 Step 7: Running the VBS script program generator
 Step 8: Playing the VBS script to enter the line items
 Step 9: Troubleshooting
 Review: Conclusion and more resources
This was last published in August 2005

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