Scenario: CRM being the lead system

SAP R/3 and SAP CRM customer master data are based on two different data models. That makes for some tricky mapping issues, but veteran CRM guru Srinivasa Katta has broken down the process into this easy step-by-step guide.

1. Run the transaction BUSD

2. Select CRM002 Role
3. Press the Copy As (F6) button in the menu bar.
4. Copy standard Ship-To Role CRM002 and give a new id ZCRM02, and give it a suitable description.
5. Remove the checkbox "Do not Update BP Role"
6. Remove BP role CRM000 assignment to the Higher Level BP Role. Please review the screenshot for an example of settings that should be made:

7. Repeat the steps 1 to 6 to create a customer specific Payer and Bill-To Party Roles by copying SAP Standard Roles CRM003 and CRM004
8. Run transaction BUCG

9. Press new entries button

10. Click on the drop down list to pick up customer created Role ZCRM02.

11. Assign appropriate field status (Hide, Required, Optional, Display or Not Specified, depending on the business requirements
12. Select the data set CRM040 and double click on it. Check R/3 Account Group as a required field. This is a mandatory requirement in this process

13. Save the settings
14. Repeat the steps 7 through 12 for customer specific Bill-To Party and Payer Roles

    System: Backend ECC or R/3 system -- Transaction: PIDE

1. Run transaction code PIDE
2. Select CRM > R/3 BP Classifications to BP Groupings in the dialog structure
3. Select the entries, if any, and delete them

    System: CRM -- Transaction: BP

1. Run BP transaction
2. Click on Organization as BP Category
3. Select customer specific Ship-TO Role in the BP Role field drop down list
4. Maintain address data and click on Classification/Business hours tab
5. Click on the drop down list of the R/3 Account Group field
6. Select 0002 as account group
7. Click on Sale Area tab and maintain the sales area and save it
8. Repeat the steps 1 to 5 for Bill-TO and Payer Roles
9. Select 0004 for Bill-To and 0003 for Payer as account groups
10. Repeat step 7 for Bill-To and Payer Roles
11. Save the BP's and note down the BP numbers

    System: Backend ECC or R/3 system -- Transaction: VDO3

1. Run the transaction VD03 and enter the Ship-To Party number that was just created in CRM
2. Select the sales area from the customer maintained sales areas
3. You should see only Ship-To Party as partner function under the Partner function tab
4. Repeat steps 1 and 3 for Bill-To and Payers that you created in CRM system


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