Scenario 5: What's the right area for me to focus on?

Learn how to determine if you have the skills and the experience in SAP to become a freelance consultant in this career guide from

Problem Analysis
You have several years of experience and feel the time is right to consider a switch to consulting. Is it better to chase the hottest technology or to try to continue in your area of expertise?

Problem Solution
As career expert Jon Reed repeatedly advises members, the best strategy is always to have a long-term career path. When you're breaking into consulting, the surest means of success is to build on your strengths and head into an area that is most relevant to your past experiences.

One way to determine the right niche is to visit an SAP job board and carefully research the openings. Look for the ones that best match your qualifications. Note the geographical location and the requirements posted. You will easily be able to determine if enough opportunities exist to succeed in a certain area and what your odds are of being competitive for the positions that do exist.

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