Scenario 5: Should I fake experience?

This guide offers practical advice for seasoned IT pros looking to move into SAP, certified but inexperienced people, recent college grads and many other scenarios.

  • Extreme frustration with the SAP job market
  • Growing desperation with the inability to get a job

Problem Analysis:
It sure is frustrating to know that you are perfectly capable of doing a job, but you're being passed over for interviews because your past work experience does not truly reflect what you can do. You're finding yourself tempted to take up creative writing.

Problem Solution:
In today's job market, employers are not as desperate as they once were, and if you claim experience you do not truly have, it's probably going to catch up with you. You may find yourself looking like an idiot during the interview, and that's certainly not going to get you the job. Not to mention, as Jon Reed advises, SAP is a small world and if you get a bad name for yourself at one company, the word may get around.

Instead, try to capitalize on your real skills and use them as a path into the SAP world. It may take time, and it may be frustrating, but eventually it will be a better way to reach your intended end goal without making a mess of things. If you decide to fudge the resume anyway, at the very least make sure you don't claim you can do stuff that you really can't.


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