Scenario 5: I have a requirement to put all my reports into a single package

So you've purchased and installed SAP BW at your company and you've created some basic reports. So far, so good -- but now it's time to take BW to the next level. This checklist provides you with proven project strategies that increase the use of your BW reporting. This is the fifth scenario.


The ability to create and share a reporting package allows simpler distribution and access to data.

1. Launch the BEx Analyzer.
2. Using the Excel toolbar, open a previously saved workbook.
3. Execute the report by clicking the Refresh icon if it does not automatically get refreshed.
4. Using the Excel menu path, choose Insert > Worksheet .
5. Click on the new worksheet to make it active.
6. Using the BW BEx toolbar, select the Tools icon > Insert query.
7. From the pop-up window, select a second query to embed into the new worksheet.
8. This second report will now be displayed on its own worksheet.
9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 to add additional queries to your workbook.
10. When finished, follow the steps outlined in Scenario 3 to ensure consistency.


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This was last published in August 2005

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