Scenario 4: I'm certified. Why haven't I received a job offer?

So certification hasn't landed you a job in SAP. Learn your options in this new career checklist from


  • Completed certification
  • Resumes sent out, but no messages on the answering machine and an empty inbox
  • Problem Analysis
    You've done the work and you've taken the tests, so now you've been making attempts to break into the competitive SAP job market. So why isn't anyone taking the bait? Shouldn't certification translate into additional career opportunities?

    Problem Solution
    Even for applicants with considerable SAP experience, certification does not always translate into job offers. The market is simply too competitive. Never expect certification to open all kinds of doors if you do not have the glowing resume to back it up. Even with considerable work experience, it can still be tough to find a job.

    So for the newly certified job seeker, expect to have to pay your dues. As suggested in Scenario 1, try applying for a job at a company that runs SAP and working your way into an SAP position by applying for it internally when one opens up. To further expand your opportunities, keep abreast of emerging SAP technology and try to gain skills in new areas.

    How do I break into SAP with a certificate but no experience?
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    Considering certification

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