Scenario 4: How can I avoid outsourcing?

Learn how to determine if you have the skills and the experience in SAP to become a freelance consultant in this career guide from

Problem Analysis
Even though the hysteria has died down a bit, outsourcing is still a major issue for IT professionals – especially programmers. If your skills center around a field like ABAP, you face the constant threat that your prospective clients will choose to hire someone overseas who works for a fraction of what you need to pay your bills. How can you maintain job security?

Problem Solution
Broaden your horizons. Consider getting training and acquiring new skills, and attempt to take on new responsibilities in your current position or in a new position working up the corporate ladder. Make yourself valuable enough that you are irreplaceable. Stay on top of the latest SAP technologies, and even if you don't have the time and funds to seek formal training, read the newest books and keep literacy in the new materials.

What positions are most vulnerable to outsourcing?
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