Scenario 4: Can previous experience get me in the door?

This guide offers practical advice for seasoned IT pros looking to move into SAP, certified but inexperienced people, recent college grads and many other scenarios.

  • Desire to work in SAP
  • Years of IT experience in non-SAP roles

Problem Analysis:
SAP is considerably different from other IT professional foci. That said, many areas of SAP also tie in to other areas. SAP has a sales angle, a Web development angle, a programming angle, and so on. If you have non-SAP experience in an area that does relate to SAP, how can you leverage that to break into an SAP position?

Problem Solution:
If you are trying to break in as a consultant, it usually helps to have at least two solid years of hands-on SAP work experience. If you are trying to break in as an employee but lack direct SAP experience to complement your IT experience, certification or additional training will certainly beef up your resume. If money is too tight for training courses, consider buying some books about the SAP area you're trying to work in and building your knowledge that way. Be careful to map your strategy and have a clear-cut plan, rather than taking the snazziest course you can find.


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  Scenario 4: Can previous experience get me in the door?
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