Scenario 3: I wonder if my current skills will help me get certified.

Wondering if your current skills will help you get certified in SAP? Find the answer to this question and more in this new career checklist from


  • Current possession of IT skills
  • Desire to become certified in a related area
  • Problem Analysis
    You have a lot of current skills. Maybe you're a Java expert or you know Web development better than anyone out there. Can you leverage these skills into an SAP certification? Will it make the path easier?

    Problem Solution
    If you're expecting an easy ride, forget it. SAP is a new technology, and knowing another technology isn't going to translate into a quicker certification. Some skills, such as Java or security management, may be related to the SAP field you hope to learn and may come to use in your certification goals. But regardless of your past experience, taking on an SAP certification initiative should be viewed as a separate learning initiative, so you should expect to have to learn a considerable amount of new material.

    Getting ahead in SAP
    What are the current "hot" career areas? (as of 2005)
    What module in SAP is best for me to undertake?
    SAP Career Advancement Learning Guide

    Considering certification

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     Scenario 1: I'm not sure if I need certification
     Scenario 2: I think certification might advance my career. Should I go for it?
      Scenario 3: I wonder if my current skills will help me get certified.
     Scenario 4: I'm certified. Why haven't I received a job offer?
     Scenario 5: Which certification will work the best for me?
     Review: Conclusion and more resources

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