Scenario 2: I'm a new graduate. How should I break in?

This guide offers practical advice for seasoned IT pros looking to move into SAP, certified but inexperienced people, recent college grads and many other scenarios.

  • Recent graduation with an IT-related degree
  • Interest in the SAP field
  • Lack of certification or experience with SAP
Problem Analysis:
You want to work with SAP. That's a good goal. But with a limited number of SAP jobs available, it can sometimes be hard for a person with no experience to break in. Plus, with so many angles from which to approach an SAP career, it can be hard to know where to start. And how on earth can you make yourself stand out from other applicants?

Problem Solution:
"I generally advise college graduates to stay open to all the options out there, and not just hone in on SAP," writes career expert Jon Reed.

If you are a new graduate, you may be well served in heeding Reed's advice. Why narrow yourself to one field in the beginning of your career? Getting a wide range of experience will make you more marketable in the long run. Additionally, taking a broader approach will help you keep a wider range of opportunities and probably will result in your finding a job sooner.

If you are bound and determined to go directly to SAP without passing Go, then your best bet is to seek out SAP-specific training or certification. You will gain direct, hands-on experience with the technology and have verifiable demonstration of your interest that you can present to a potential employer. More information:


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