Scenario 2: I think certification might advance my career. Should I go for it?

Decide if SAP certification is right for you by reading this career checklist from


  • Desire for more money
  • Desire for new knowledge
  • Hopes of aspiring up the SAP ladder
  • Problem Analysis
    You're already working in SAP, but you have a low-level role. Maybe your boss isn't giving you the nod for a higher-level position because your only experience is on the job and he or she doesn't perceive you to be ready to take on more responsibility. You're getting frustrated and know you're capable of more. Would certification be a way to prove it?

    Problem Solution
    Certification is not going to provide instant gratification in your career aspirations, according to career expert Jon Reed. It will, if you're interested, expand your skills and potentially become a tie-breaker if you are competing with an otherwise equally qualified candidate. It is possible that getting certified will help your employer understand that you are highly motivated and dedicated to your field and thus should be considered for advancement, but you have to realistically assess your situation to determine whether the cost is worth it.

    Is SAP certification for you?
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    Considering certification

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